If you have reached this page - you probably already know the purpose and importance of marketing strategies for any type of business. 

We are here to create a path of your business in such a challenging environment. Our teams' expertise is more than 10 years in International marketing, business development and sales. We know tactics and own our special solutions and tricks that bring to our clients attraction, awareness and as a result - great income.

Classical, digital or alternative?  

The secret is - world is changing every second. Whatever hype word is on top today - it can have a brand new meaning or form by tomorrow. 
In our marketing strategies we are focusing on our knowledge of customization to every client and add on with latest technologies and solutions. We are researching every case and marketing ecosystem around it under the magnifying glass. By focusing on every single important detail, we create unique right path for company to reach their goals. And, become one who is changing the game rules.

Customer, Competitor, Company

We are searching for clients who are ready to be their industry leaders.
All the rest, we will take care of. 


  • Marketing Consulting

  • Marketing Audit 

  • Marketing Research

  • Product Launch Strategies 

  • Rebranding and new company directions 

  • New Markets Entrance 

  • Global Marketing Strategies 

  • Marketing Plan

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Creative Ideas & Marketing Solutions

There are many marketing strategies without creativity, but does that make any sense today, in 2020?
Years ago, companies had a long term marketing strategies with only couple changes on the way. But today, even big companies can stop following the written path and change everything at any stage, or was it well planed marketing trick?  So, creativity helps to think out of the box and predict the market risks. It also helps to make plan B & C, and make you really powerfull as you go along. And yes, this is our biggest competitive advantage that we are proud of.

Innovative Marketing 

Our Formula:
(Marketing Strategy + It Technologies)* Creative Thinking = Innovative Marketing. And, there are no uncertainties for Monkey & Marketing Team. 
We keep stay in line with innovations and develop our own. We know how to increase the love of your consumers exponentially. They will see attractive pictures and completely organically immerse themselves in the process of purchasing your products and services, but only you will know how much intelligence is behind it all. And we, together with you, will enjoy success. We definitely can name it one of our favorite part of work cycle.


  • Creative Consulting 

  • Positioning

  • Brand Strategy

  • Customer Relation Services 

  • Marketing Process Automation 

  • Business Processes Digitalisation

  • Interactive Tech

  • Promotion & Advertising

Intelligent & Progressive
Attentive to details
FAST & flexible

   and... WE EXECUTE!

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is a way to compete using unexpected, bold and decisive technologies.

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