Branding and Art

Is there any rules in branding?

Sorry, but no rules. Only custom solutions, art and your audiences' hearts. 

Brand Vision Feeling

When we work with branding, the initial task for us is to feel what the audience of the brand experiences and play with it. Why is this a priority for us? Because we want to create brands that will live in people's hearts and this is the most direct way. To achieve this goal, we need to penetrate deeply into their thoughts, understand their life and values, and enter the code of your brand in there, in terms of the images that we will create. Understanding that emotions also affect the feelings of an audience, we need to convey the whole spectrum - textures that will be pleasant to the touch, color combinations that will cause the necessary associations, shapes and images that will hit right on the target.

The logo is not enough!

Depending on the product and industry, we find the right formula and approach so that the visual forms are the perfect compliment to the story and legend, so to speak, its reviving confirmation. Also, we strive for the multitasking of our work. Logos have always been created for memorization, but today these logos can come to life, complimented by textures, appear in communication systems in amazing solutions, change from season to season and much more, within the framework of the ideal perception of your target audience, but we will definitely feel it.

Product DNA

If you want your product not only to live in the hearts, but to actively spread across the network and beyond, then it needs to develop its own DNA. This is something between biology, design and space. But precisely with this tactic, your brand will be reborn in a new way.

At Monkey & Marketing we focus on delivering solutions' complex. Don't forget - whatever form of business you have - B2B or B2C, it's ALWAYS about People 2 People. And we know well how to reach your People precisely!

brand materials

Respect your clients and update your branding materials from occasion to occasion. Your logo can already be transformed to an amazing event souvenir (see example at your right) that your customer will re-use.
Or, your brand materials can have unexpected form but include valuable informatiom.
Or, it can be very simple but extremelly attractive.
Anyway, we will propose you a work of art, something that perfectly fits your  expectations and overcome with your client's and partner's needs!


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    a reflection of the internal principles of the company through graphic images, copywriting and other forms of art and technology.


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