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We were born in 90's & decided to change the world

We are a team of professionals who were born in 90s somewhere on the Globe.

It's been already 10 years since we met at the university and, day by day, hardly working together to make our wold a better place for business, for living and for fair competition. 

Our marketing vision bases on Jack Trout's studies and seasoned with our experience in marketing, sales, finance, science and IT development. Today, we have our authentic theories, studies and visions. That is why we are so successful. 

Services we provide

5 most important things every business must use to achieve success are fully completed and provided by our amazing team.

WE are Located Worldwide

We are very globalized people, therefore we see no reason to become attached to any particular country, beliefs or rules. Therefore, we offer to contact us in a way that is convenient for you and do not become attached to the location and time. We can say that we are definitely online :)))

3 facts:

Founded in 2017

Monkey and Marketing was founded in 2017 after 7 years doing marketing at international companies. 

Who is Monkey?

Stupid question

Events and exhibitions

I bet you don't know how to exhibit clever. But we do. We are an exhibition marketing rock stars. 


10 years in Marketing

And love it to the moon and back

Event & Exhibitions Rockstars

From South Africa to Las Vegas through Middle East and Germany. We have exhibited it all. 

Global Support

We are global by ourselves or supported by super partners in every pease of Globe

Modern Studies

Learning new everyday


You better ask us about it


Great news - we never do the same thing for each of our clients.

Relax &
give it to us

Your business is in smart marketing arms.

Spa & Wellness Area


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